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Dazuko HOWTO():

                             Mandriva Linux Dazuko HOWTO
                      By Scott Grayban (sgrayban AT

This HOWTO licensed under the GNU FDL.
This HOWTO is for ANY Mandriva kernel installed.
As of writing this HOWTO was written using the linux-2.6.11-12mdk version
but as stated it can be used for any kernel installed.
Have gcc/cc , pico, vi, nano, or joe installed and know how to use them.
Have the source for Dazuko.
Have the kernel source.
Basic knowledge on compiling.

1) Make sure you have downloaded the kernel-source from urpmi first.
urpmi kernel-source <<---- will install the current kernel's source

2) cd /usr/src/linux

$ make menuconfig
Security options -> Enable different security modules [*]
Security options -> Default Linux Capabilities 
Rule Set Based Access Control -> Rule Set Based Access Control (RSBAC) [ ]
exit, saving changes

$ make && make modules_install && make install
**** NOTE >> I highly suggest you edit the Makefile's first few lines and name
the new kernel to something other then the default ones below.
EXTRAVERSION = -12mdkcustom
NAME=My Kernel Name
Change the 'mdkcustom' to something you wish
For example mine is the following:
NAME=Borgnet Cube 2

3) Edit '/etc/modprobe.preload' and add to the top the following:
# /etc/modprobe.preload: kernel modules to load at boot time.

4) Reboot into the new kernel

5) (build dazuko)
$ cd 
$ ./configure
$ make

(install dazuko kernel module)
$ cp dazuko.ko /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/security
$ depmod -a

5)Reboot into the new kernel

6) (load Dazuko) ***** If you didn't add it to modprobe.preload
$ modprobe dazuko

7) (create Dazuko device)
$ mknod -m 600 /dev/dazuko c `grep dazuko /proc/devices | sed "s/ .*//"` 0

**** Important Note ****
capability & commoncap MUST BE loaded or bind will NOT start since it
uses the 'capset' function

**** AntiVir note
If you are installing the avguard choose (k) for the type of dazuko module
since its loaded at boot time.

Mandriva Linux Website:
Dazuko Website:
Author's Website:
GCC Website:
Kernel Website:

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